Friday, September 5, 2008

Dinner with the Mazzeos

After meeting at the the platform at Milano Centrale Raffy's dad drove me their apartment, which is close to the city centre. After a brief rest they took me to see a few sights which I missed in my first quick visit.

The Victor Emanuel Plaza is amazing. Imagine the Block Arcade, but ten times wider and taller, ten times richer, and full of famous fashion stores. We also got to see La Scala and the old part of town where the medieval marketplace is preserved.

I also got another look (from the outside - they were closed) of the Duomo and San Ambrogio. This gave me the chance to get some external shots of San Ambrogio which I forgot to do last time.

After that it was back home for a beautiful dinner. Raffy's parent's English is pretty good, and we had no trouble making conversation. We had some fun looking at Raffy's baby photos (she looked just like Alessia does) and a picture of Matteo's magnificent hair before he became respectable and cut it.

They'll visit us again in Melbourne in mid-December, and Antonella will be staying through January and February. I have asked them to bring the photo of Matteo.

At about 10:30 I went to bed, having discovered I have a 13 hour stopover in Singapore on the way back. Yikes, I'd forgetten that! Better get as much sleep as I can before the big trek.