Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Waiting for Benedetto

Waiting for Benedetto

This morning we gathered at the hotel to headv down to the Vatican for the Pope's Wednesday public audience. We've been told there are a limited number of seats available. I got one of the green tickets for entry to the hall, but it's pot luck really. If you don't fit, you end up watching on a screen outside.

It's a complicated trip down there (Roman buses!) Around 9am we joined a queue of about 100,000 people (exaggerating slightly) at the southern edge of St Peter's square. The hall we're all haeding for is a standalone building to the south of the Basilica.

It's slow and hot progress, but I managed to creep forward in the crowd and be one of the first few of our group to get past security. Our group was now strung out like the proverbial Brown's cows, so I made my own dash for the hall.

The hall seats about 3000 people, and it is filling up rapidly. The atmosphere is happy and relaxed. A few groups are singing here and there, and people chat excitedly. I'm sitting amongst a group of African nuns, waiting for the Pope to arrive.

Three words: Second. Row. Seat.

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Assert is a good thing at times...just don't make a habit of it.