Friday, August 22, 2008


One thing I haven't mentioned so far is how good the organisation is here.

The Assembly meetings have about 500 people in attendance, from dozens of countries. The timing is tight, and there are few delays. Translation is provided through wireless headsets in several languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portugese, Polish, Russian and Arabic. I pick up a headset aat the beginning of each session, and hand it back afterwards.

The translators sit in booths at the rear of the building, listening to a feed from the microphones. Our own John Kinder does a lot of the Italian-English translation, so I get to hear of a lot of him, if not see him!

We have mass every evening, with translation provided there too.

There is also a well-stocked bookshop which opens after the session, though the English stuff is a bit limited. Credit card facilities are available.

All in all, very impressive!

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