Thursday, August 21, 2008

National Retreat 6-8 June

National Retreat 6-8 June

Both John Kinder and I had a long discussion this afternoon about our proposed national reetreat in Melbourne on June 6-8 next year. Fr Ambrogio is keen to see a regular national event in Australian and is happy with those dates, so it's basically agreed that we'll go ahead with our plan. Possibly we will start the formalities on the Saturday night, to give the Perth people more time to get over to the East, and run over into the Monday public holiday.

Fr Ambrogio would like to host a Vacation meeting rather than the Exercises at that time. This has advantages. First and foremost, we would already have access to the English print translation of the Vacation from the Northern winter, and wouldn't have to rely on a dodgy audio translation.  After this year's experience, that sounds OK to me. We have little to lose, since the Exercises follow the same theme as the earlier Vacation anyway.

Any comments?


Raffy said...

thanks for sharing all this with us!
the pictures of Milan made me a bit homesick... but it won't be long before we can be there too!
The national Vacation seems very good to me too... I'll start contacting the ESA centre in Marysville to secure their availabiliy.
also... thanks for the books! Peter and Christina K. will be great music leaders for us...

a big hello to everyone there in La Thuile, especially to Fr Ambrogio, Fr Lele and John!
by the way , if you meet a guy whose name is Max Herbert from Lugano, Switzerland, can you please say a big hi from me?
also, if there's a girl in the choir, dark long hair, whose name is Annamaria Lanzara....stunning voice.. tell her I send her a big hug , she's a very good friend of mine from Uni!!!
all the best for the next days, I'll be in touch!

Rick Hayes said...

Hmmmm...choir...yes, you might try talking to choral masters as well as a San Carlo seminarian.

However, I'm also sure that Peter and CK will do very well with John's support!


Anonymous said...

Well well well, it looks like its all been schemed to perfection then.

But music aside, I think we'll get more out of this retreat when it's styled in this way. Sounds good.

- Peter K.