Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday: the Old City

This morning I skipped the trip to the Meeting and went into the Old City of Rimini to see the Exempla exhibition on the revival of ancient art in the 13th century. I got to take a bit of a look around the Old City.

Here is one of the main piazzas of the Old City.

You can make out, on the left near the corner, a statue of Julius Caesar dating from the 15th century. On the right you can make out a small domed building. That's a small chapel dedicated to St Anthony of Padua. On this very spot, he showed the Blessed Sacrament to a mare, who spontaneously knelt, confounding the heretics present who denied the Real Presence. We said a decade of the Rosary there for one of the CL people who lost their passport yesterday.

In the middle, the franciscan priest is Fra Mauro, who is staying with our group at the hotel.

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Freckles said...

It's so easy to imagine that strip with horses and carts from the 16th century!

Is there a feeling of connection to the past when you walk through the streets? I found your post about the age of australia compared to italy really interesting and I was wondering if people there feel connected to the land and its history?