Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday afternoon Assembly

Wednesday afternoon Assembly

The Assembly this afternoon took up where the morning session left off, and we went straight into interventions.

John Kinder remarked to me afterwards that he has not heard so much personal sharing before. People shared about work and family situations, and how their experiences (not always pleasant) had revealed their own dependence and Christ's presence. In fact, these two revelations are inseparable.

Here are a few points from Carron:

"Christ's presence isn't like some beautiful gem. If it doesn't have a human dimension, what good is it? Christ always seizes the human in us".

"The sign that an encounter is real is that it changes us".

"There will always be those who choose not to respond. The question isn't what they are going to do, the question is what are you going to do?"

"Everything a human does is to achieve happiness. This doesn't mean we avoid sacrifice - but our reason for sacrifice should be our happiness, not some cold moral duty".

"If I stay within the limits of my own capacities, I will achieve little".

"Christ is the 'you' that makes our 'I' possible".

The key point for me came at the session, when Carron made a simple observation: when we lack confidence in Christ's presence in our lives, then we are afraid of loss and lack trust. This is what proves we haven't accepted the reality of Christ. A point for me to ponder.

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Rick Hayes said...

Christ always seizes the human in us

And, this is our divinization.

I just read the 'about' notice...remember I'm dyslexic--it took me awhile to see it...ROTFL.